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The Sound As Ever – Australian Indie 1990-1999 Facebook group was formed in February 2020 to celebrate a great decade in Australian music. A place for friends, fans and bands to commemorate, celebrate and appreciate one of the most exciting decades in Australian music. It came from a need of wanting to document this time and the wonderful people and artists who were part of it. A place to immortalise the time and relive some life-changing moments.

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From the Facebook group, Sound As Ever has grown into so much more. With the help of our members and many Australian bands from the 90s, we have uncovered previously unreleased gems, which we wanted to share with the world. This led to the birth of the Sound As Ever Compilation Series. As of writing, we have released four hugely popular compilation CDs. Check them out on our Bandcamp page here.

There’s nothing better than hearing those much loved 90s bands live, so we have put on some great reunion shows, and will continue to do so. News about our live shows can be found in the Facebook community here, and on our Facebook page here.

Over the last years we have found a treasure trove of 90s interviews, concerts, live to air recordings etc. You can find these on our SoundCloud page here. We will keep adding more, so give us a follow.

We will keep trying out new ways to share our love of 90s Australian indie music.

But the best thing of all is our amazing Facebook community with over 18 thousand members, who share their love and passion for Australian 90s music; dig out 90s posters, t-shirts, merch, fanzines, photos and more; reminisce about those special gigs; help each other with questions that have long been unanswered. Come and join us here.

How SOUND AS EVER started with a glass of wine

Jane Gazzo writes: Wine is a funny thing. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Love it with my food. Hate it any other time. It plays havoc with my head.

One night I overindulged in it and started getting all sentimental about the Melbourne music scene in the 90s. I was writing a piece on Triffids frontman David McComb and scouring for information about the last few years before his sad and untimely death in 1999. I looked online and grabbed a few books I owned and didn’t find much.

“What if there were a page which celebrated that decade of the Australian music scene?” I thought to myself. The idea appealed to me because I was what you’d probably term now a “passionate workaholic” in the 90s. I’d started out in community radio in my mid-teens at 3RRR-FM and by the end of the decade had graduated to the national broadcaster Triple J. At one point I was working 6 days a week co-hosting the ABC-TV music show Recovery and hosting SuperRequest each weeknight. …. read more

SOUND AS EVER compilation albums

Hanging onto the 90s” is the 4th instalment of the Sound As Ever compilation series. This time around, the album contains a whopping 40 rare and unreleased songs from 90s Australian indie artists. Fans can secure a limited edition, individually numbered, 2 CD set at the label’s Bandcamp page or purchase a digital download.

Release date: August 12, 2022

Loud As Ever CD

Sound As Ever 90-99 is proud to reveal “Loud As Ever“, the third in their Australian 90s Indie compilation album series. Inspired by the spirit and memories of heavy and sweaty 90s Australia gigs at venues like the GB in Melbourne. The album features previously unreleased or currently unavailable tracks. The album is available digitally and on limited edition, individually numbered CDs from our Bandcamp page.

Release date: April 4, 2021

Stuck On The 90s CD cover

Stuck on the 90s” is the 2nd volume in the Sound As Ever compilation series, and features 20 rare or previously unreleased recordings including high profile artists Moler, Klinger, SPDFGH, The Glory Box, The Mavis’s, Rail, Holocene and Autohaze, plus an array of underground acts such as Raw Nerves, Yolk, Carbine and Braids (featuring Ross McLennan of Snout and SAE founder Jane Gazzo). It is available as individually numbered limited edition compact discs from our Bandcamp page.

Release date: October 1, 2020

The Shoebox Diaries CD cover

The Shoebox Diaries” is the first in a series of compilations from Sound As Ever – Australian Indie 90-99. The album features 20 rare or previously unreleased recordings from Australian 90s artists. This limited edition of individually numbered CDs (or digital downloads) can be purchased on our Bandcamp page.

Release date: July 3, 2020

Latest news

BLIND LOVE : A Sound as Ever Anthology

“It was a really buoyant time for a lot of people while it lasted. ‘Blind Love’ to me represents the enthusiasm the audience of the time had for live, loud music and for the scene in general.” – Simon Day Earlier this year, the team at Universal Music Australia approached us about curating a compilation…

Sound as Ever: A Celebration of the Greatest Decade in Australian Music: 1990-1999

A Celebration of the Greatest Decade in Australian Music: 1990-1999 by Jane Gazzo and Andrew P Street The decade was turning and we could sniff the winds of change. It wasn’t a great smell if you were standing anywhere towards the back of the Hopetoun. — Wayne Connolly The ’90s was a magical time for…


HANGING ONTO THE 90s The team at Sound As Ever 90-99 have started presales of “Hanging onto the 90s”, the 4th instalment of their compilation series. This time around, the album contains a whopping 40 rare and unreleased songs from 90s Australian indie artists. The label is revealing a song a day in the private…