The team at Sound As Ever 90-99 have started presales of “Hanging onto the 90s”, the 4th instalment of their compilation series. This time around, the album contains a whopping 40 rare and unreleased songs from 90s Australian indie artists. The label is revealing a song a day in the private Sound As Ever 90-99 Facebook group while stock is being manufactured. Fans can secure a limited edition, individually numbered, 2 CD set at the label’s Bandcamp page or purchase a digital download.


  1. sonicanimation: I Still Feel Haunted
  2. The Mandelbrot Set: Joy In Despair (demo)
  3. Drop City: Hey Believer (demo)
  4. Lustre 4: Not The Enemy (live)
  5. Oliver: All The Things I Miss (demo)
  6. Club Hoy: Nobody Wears Your Face Like You Do
  7. Underground Lovers: How Fucked You Are (rehearsal room demo)
  8. Warped: Primal Fiend
  9. Deepstar 6: Crash
  10. Elephant Gun: Unlucky Joe
  11. The Tristan Chord: Nice Drive
  12. Pollyanna: Beloved (demo)
  13. Snowblind: Not Stalking You
  14. The Melniks: Sausage Rollins
  15. Burnside: The Young Ones
  16. Half Miler: Forget Myself (slow version)
  17. Dazy Chains: Back To Bed (1991 recording)
  18. Hellmenn: I’ve Got Cockroaches In The House
  19. Four Hours Sleep: Somewhere (demo)
  20. The Hollowmen: Fader


  1. The Killjoys: Come Around
  2. iNsuRge: Kiss This Town
  3. Ammonia: Terminal
  4. Have A Nice Day: Babies (demo)
  5. Def FX: I’ll Be Your Majick (2021 Snake Bite remix)
  6. Earthworm: Carlen
  7. STEAM: Tensions
  8. Even: Up and Down (demo)
  9. Dream Poppies: Cool You Down
  10. Lodestar: Elevator Girl
  11. Pelican Jed: The Accident
  12. Glide: 16 Years To Life
  13. The Philosopher’s Stone: Poor Relation (rough mix)
  14. Mars Bastards: Dan Electro versus the Single Girl
  15. Alien Dave: Mason
  16. Yummy Fur: The Greatest Freak (demo)
  17. Tiltmeter: Esky
  18. el Mopa: Hunting
  19. The Calling: Lost At Sea
  20. Atticus: Great Big World

Compilation concept and curation by Scott Thurling
Album artwork by Chris Rees
Compilation mastering by Ernie O at his Urban Fringe Compound
Copyright 2022
This album is the 4th Sound As Ever 90-99 Compilation
Releases August 12, 2022